US Army in Huge ‘Guerrilla War’ Drill, Possibly with ‘Armed Citizenry’ in Mind

The US Army is set to begin a massive and lengthy exercise on “guerrilla warfare.”

Critics fear the military training in question might be meant to teach troops to target American civilians, against the backdrop of heightening political polarization all across the nation.

The upcoming US Army exercise in “anti-guerrilla warfare” is going to be huge; it will take place in 24 counties across North Carolina over the course of two weeks.

Set in ‘Fictional,’ ‘Politically Unstable’ Country

Reports note the anti-guerrilla exercises are known as “Robin Sage” drills and take place regularly for the US Army, every few months since 1974.

However, certain factors have led critics to be suspicious and claim the training might be designed to get American troops accustomed to targeting civilian Americans.

One factor fueling the suspicion in question is anti-guerrilla drills being announced several days after the first anniversary of the January 6, 2021 events at the US Capitol.

Another recent development contributing to the suspicions is it being revealed just as the Justice Department is creating a “domestic terrorism” unit. The Robin Sage exercise is set in the fictional country of “Pineland,” which is “politically unstable.”

It will see the soldiers forced to carry out various types of operations, including raids, ambushes, and reconnaissance against a “numerically superior enemy,” according to a report by Business Insider.

The JFK Special Warfare Center of the US Army, which conducts the drills, told the Charlotte Observer members of the US military would act as “realistic opposing forces.” The exercise is also going to use rained “civilian volunteers.”

Potentially Geared Towards ‘Armed Citizenry’

Critics of the large-scale, anti-guerrilla military drills of the US Army, however, have taken to Twitter to express concerns over the nature and timing of the exercise.

Some declared it is a matter of concern, partly due to the Posse Comitatus Act adopted 143 years ago; this bans federal troops from taking part in civilian law enforcement, except under authorization from a special law.

Some of the critics wrote the Biden administration is preparing US troops to fight the American people. Another user wrote “Biden’s military wargames” provide for “fighting and killing American ‘Freedom Fighters.’”

One Twitter user, Scott M., said what matters is “the fact” that it seems plausible the American military is being trained to fight “its own citizens.”

He added over the past year, Biden ridiculed the idea that “an armed citizenry” could defend itself against government tyranny, even though the ability in question is fundamental to the Bill of Rights.

A Twitter user, whose profile is named “James Bond”, declared the military drills in North Carolina are “obviously practice for civil war” and/or “domestic warfare.” The user added his or her hope that the military exercise in question “utterly fails.”