AOC Claims She Can’t Afford to Pay Rent Due to “Low Salary”

Far-left Congresswoman AOC decried her low salary as a lawmaker in her Instagram story, complaining about paying rent for two residences at the same time.

Congressional lawmakers get a salary of $174,000 per year, which is nearly three and a half times greater than the income of an average American household. 

AOC Claims She Can’t Afford Rent

According to AOC, lawmakers have to occupy two residences: one in Washington D.C. and another in their home state, which puts economic strain on them; it creates “class dynamics” within Congress.

The liberal lawmaker also asserted it is “insanely expensive” to pay for the rent since “there is no stipend or per diem for it.” Lawmakers cannot even write these residences off, AOC added.

AOC also said it is “so so much” to give rent in two cities at the same time. The far-left lawmaker also established she has to find a new apartment in New York City soon. She is “STRESSED,” adding that it makes legislating and campaigning difficult.

In her Instagram story, she also noted that many lawmakers sleep in their offices, but they can land in legal trouble if they get caught.

Congressional lawmakers draw salaries of $174,000 per year, which is more than 85% of American households, roughly.

According to the latest data from the U.S. Labor Department, an average household earns nearly $53,000 per year.

Due to the staggering amount of salaries, Congress already passed legislation in 2010, after which lawmakers do not get an annual raise. 

Whereas this Instagram post of the liberal lawmaker seems to be a plea for a raise for lawmakers. However, her actions are contradictory to her words. In her viral campaign ad of 2018, AOC noted she wanted to do economic justice for all Americans.

While she is stressed about her finances, AOC is still striving for another term in Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.

AOC’s Actions Not Aligned With Her Campaign Promises

Before her career in politics, AOC worked as a bartender. Currently, the average salary of a bartender stands at a mere $40,000 per year in her home state of New York.  

Similarly, AOC noted she also “waited tables” during her early life, mentioning she wants to make a New York “that working families can afford.”

She claimed to be a “working class” New Yorker in her campaign ad, adding that she never planned to come into politics.

Surprisingly, AOC is decrying inflation at a time when she is at the forefront of pushing President Biden to pass social spending measures which are responsible for bringing more inflation.

In addition to that, she also preached about the Green New Deal and asked Democrats to cut off fossil fuel consumption as oil prices are already skyrocketing to an unprecedented extent.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.