AOC Blasts Sleepy Joe Over His State of the Union Speech

House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has bluntly lambasted Sleepy Joe after the 79-year-old establishment Democrat delivered his first-ever State of the Union speech on Tuesday night.

Sleepy Joe in Trouble with the Extremist Left

Biden’s speech was marred by a major gaffe about Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine, which Sleepy Joe’s lack of leadership failed to prevent. To the amazement of the whole world, Biden eagerly confused “the Ukrainians” with “Iranians”.

However, the ludicrous gaffe was nowhere to be found on AOC’s list of pro-communist grievances about Biden’s SOTU address.

AOC attacked Biden for not pushing more communist priorities, despite inflation, crime, and other problems stemming from Biden’s leadership.

That’s not even mentioning the raging supply chain problems and energy cost crises caused precisely by the pro-communist approach of the Biden administration.

During his State of the Union speech, Biden focused on the supposed western resolve to punish Putin. Sleepy Joe also declared he is opposed to “defunding the police”, something that AOC really wasn’t all that fond of.

AOC Wants Illegals, Marxist Education, Green New Deal

In her reaction to Biden’s speech, US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasted Biden for the “missed opportunity” of using his State of the Union address to push Marxist policies in the fields of immigration and education.

The Biden administration’s had the unofficial “official” policy of allowing completely unbridled illegal immigration from the third world into the United States.

There have been 2.035 million encountered illegals in 2021 alone; meanwhile, critical race theory has been allowed to openly brainwash America’s youth into hating each other because of their race.

However, none of that is apparently enough for AOC and her kind; she lambasted the nominal leader of her Democrat Party for “glossing over” the issues of immigration. She wants to legalize any illegal who crosses into the US, as well as the “crisis in education”.

According to AOC, Sleepy Joe “left unsaid” some things and the Democrat Party is really going to have to work on those. She further stated, as cited by Fox News, that Biden failed to touch upon the issues of “constituencies who have supported” him.

AOC specifically criticized him for only mentioning the so-called “Dreamers”, without promising to arrange for their parents to be explicitly entitled to remain in the United States.

She additionally blasted Biden for not promoting “moving away from fossil fuels”.

The New York progressive demonstrated how indignant she is that Sleepy Joe “was laser-focused” on the topic of the “unity” of the American nations.

Meanwhile, she thought Biden should’ve committed deeper to far-left extremism; therefore, she made it clear his first State of the Union speech was nothing but a “lost opportunity” as far as her communist kind is concerned.