Another Man in Charge of Russia, Putin Absence Covered Up With Old Footage

Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin appears to be “out of office.” This is right in the middle of the catastrophic war in Ukraine, with another man in control of the dictatorship.

Moscow’s propaganda machine is using old video footage to cover up the absence of the supreme tyrant, according to a source with insider knowledge of the Kremlin’s inner affairs.

Thus, last week’s public appearances of the Russian dictator were staged. He is currently absent from work because of his failing health, as revealed by the General SVR channel on Telegram.

Another Elderly KGB Alum Fills In for Putin

Putin’s own bizarre behavior and sickly appearance in public have supported the reports in question, including his constantly twitching foot during a meeting with Tajikistan’s president.

The Russian dictator also rushed to cover his lap with a blanket during Moscow’s annual World War II Victory Day parade on May 9.

Thus, because of Putin’s absence, the man actually in charge of Russia is another geriatric alum of the former Soviet Union’s much-dreaded KGB intelligence service, Nikolai Patrushev, according to the General SVR report.

The report claims Putin’s meetings last Wednesday actually took place several days earlier.

The pre-recorded video footage was then released on relevant days by the Kremlin media to create the impression among the Russian public that Putin is on the job, actively working for the nation’s “well-being.”

Another event, a virtual meeting of the Russian Security Council attended by Putin last Friday may also have been staged.

Nikolai Patrushev, who is 70, a year older than Putin himself, has been a hardline Putin loyalist. He’s been serving as the secretary of Russia’s Security Council since 2008.

Prior to that, between 1999 and 2008, Patrushev served as the head of the FSB and the Russian successor of the Soviet KGB.

(Kremlin video footage snapshot shows Russian president Vladimir Putin pictured during meeting with CEO of Rostec State Corporation Sergey Chemezov, allegedly last Thursday, which may, however, have been pre-recorded.)

Kremlin ‘Getting Tense’ Amid Ukraine War, Putin’s Failing Health

The source of the report, the General SVR channel, is connected with Prof. Valery Solovey, an anti-Putin political analyst recently arrested for questioning by the FSB.

Solovey has been talking about Putin’s alleged ill health for months now. He recently told a YouTube channel run by journalists from the Echo radio station that Putin has numerous “quite serious diseases.”

According to the General SVR report, Patrushev is the only person in contact with Putin. The latter is undergoing some kind of medical treatment, necessitating his absence from the Kremlin.

The report alleges “the situation” with Putin’s absence “is getting tense,” even as it remains to be seen how long the propaganda cover-up can be maintained by the regime’s media.

The report makes it clear there is no way to forecast with a high degree of certainty how long Putin might be able to cling to power in Russia, amid his failing health.

The condition of the Moscow tyrant might go bust at any single moment. The “general feeling” in the Kremlin is “this won’t last very long.”

The General SVR Channel’s analysis concludes a major military victory of Ukrainians over Russian forces would likely force the ailing Putin to leave his job.

The revelations are supported by comments from Sir Richard Dearlove, a former head of the British intelligence service MI6. He forecast Putin is going to be “sent to a sanatorium” by 2023 for medical treatment.

Dearlove, as cited by The Daily Mail, emphasized the Russian dictator is already “losing his grip on power” because of his failing health.