Another Aide to VP Kamala Harris is Resigning

Last month, Ashley Etienne, the communications director working for Vice President Kamala Harris, resigned from her post. Etienne did not immediately step down, though, and is expected to do so this month.

The communications director to the vice president resigned around the same time when a CNN news story reported that Harris is having all sorts of problems in the White House. Apparently, she’s clashed with Biden on some issues.

Reports also state aides to the vice president have concerns about how the White House is treating her. If this is the case, it could explain why yet another aide to the vice president is jumping ship.

As Washington Examiner reports, Symone Sanders, a spokesperson and adviser for the vice president, recently announced her resignation.

What to Know About Sanders Stepping Down

On Wednesday, Americans learned about Sanders’ decision to resign as the adviser and spokesperson for Harris. One White House official informed the media that Sanders is set to work until 2022 arrives.

The aide also noted the Biden administration is grateful to have had Sanders on the beat and working with so many members of their team. The specific reason for Sanders stepping down was not mentioned; however, this hasn’t stopped Americans from speculating and arriving at conclusions of their own.

Presumably, the White House is on the hunt for a replacement to step in for Sanders after she’s finished up this year. The aide who spoke with the media about the latest Harris aide to resign did not make any mention of possible candidates to fill her shoes in 2022.

Chaos within the Biden White House?

Amid fairly significant turnover rates in the White House, more and more Americans are convinced problems are happening. Thus far, the Biden administration continues its endeavors to make everything look as great as possible to the general public.

However, with multiple aides resigning nearly back to back, there has to be more than what the White House is letting on. There is a real possibility some White House aides have grown uncomfortable with tensions and are thus choosing to get out.

Likewise, aides to the vice president may have concerns about precisely how long she’ll be working in the White House. There’s already been chatter about Biden wanting to have Harris replaced with a different vice president.

Although, whether or not that happens remains to be seen. With all of the turnover going on in the White House at this time, however, CNN could very well end up releasing yet another scandalous report.

The November story already caused more Americans to take a closer look at the White House and potential dysfunction with the Biden administration.

What do you make of the turnover happening within the Biden administration?