America’s Air Travel Goes ‘Third-World’ Despite $80 Billion in Federal Subsidies

Airline travel in the United States is deteriorating so rapidly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that it is practically “becoming third-world.”

That is occurring even though at least $80 billion in federal government subsidies were squandered to prop up airlines since then.

The situation with air travel across the nation is plagued with constant uncertainty and in growing disarray. This is particularly outrageous ahead of July 4, with excessive ticket prices, combined with staggering delays and abrupt cancelations of flights.

Federal Government Can’t Just Pour Money as Cure-All

The main issues plaguing airlines in the United States stem from staff shortages, according to David Asman, a host of Fox News Business.

He didn’t hide his outrage and frustration over how badly America’s air travel sector is suffering, especially since it was given gigantic sums of taxpayer money over the past couple of years.

Asman emphasized not only the fact that US airlines are going “third-world,” but also his understanding that much of it is caused by the belief the federal government can step in and solve major problems simply by wasting American tax dollars.

He acknowledged the federal government does have a role to play in interacting with the airlines, particularly through the Federal Aviation Administration.

However, the Fox Business host also blamed the FAA for failing to monitor and trace spending of no fewer than $54 billion in federal government subsidies, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asman dwelled upon the fact the US government spent a total of $29 billion on grants provided for payroll support to struggling airlines. Yet, somehow at present, the airline sector has a total of 28,000 fewer employees, compared with December 2019.

When asked where all that US taxpayer money vanished, he explained it was spent by airlines on retaining workers, but they managed to do so only temporarily.

Yet, even in spite of that, many airline employees just decided to leave their jobs, likely influenced by numerous other factors.

$80 Billion Wasted Amid Far Worse Situation

The Fox Business host wondered whether some of the federal government money went to pensions, but that remains uncertain.

Asman noted aside from the $29 billion for payroll support for airlines, the US government also provided $25 billion to passenger carriers, along with $25 billion in loans and loan guarantees.

He calculated that overall, the US government appears to have spent $80 billion in taxpayer money for propping up the airline companies since the start of the pandemic.

The Fox Business host blasted the very notion that government spending would “cure a problem,” whereas, in reality, it makes matters far worse.

He pointed out other examples, including how $200 billion was wasted in order to reopen K-12 schools.

Asman noted another $200 billion was squandered under three COVID relief bills; it remains unclear where that money went.