Alex Jones Defamation Trial Set to Begin Soon

Many Americans are familiar with Alex Jones as the host of InfoWars. Jones has routinely spoken out about issues like the New World Order, his views on mass shootings, and other related topics.

Jones’ commentary on various issues has also led to him being systemically de-platformed from social media.

To this day, Jones remains banned from having accounts on Spotify, Facebook, and YouTube. These bans have been cited as a result of Jones engaging in “hate speech.”

However, it’s Jones’ statements concerning the Sandy Hook shooting that have landed him in legal hot water. The Associated Press now reports that Jones’ defamation trial over his remarks about the shooting, and to families who lost their kids in the shooting, will begin.

A Deep Dive Into the Defamation Trial

The ultimate purpose of the defamation trial is for the legal system to determine how much Jones has to pay the Sandy Hook families in damages.

This defamation trial was originally set to take place in April, yet is just now beginning today. Jones previously tried to settle this case with the families outside of court; yet, they ultimately refused.

Taking place in Austin, Texas, the defamation trial will take a series of factors into account. Some of them will include the harassment and death threats that Sandy Hook families received after members of Jones’ audience went after them.

The InfoWars host claims he’s not responsible for this behavior of his followers; yet the families on the receiving end of vitriol have a different viewpoint.

Legal issues facing Jones aren’t mutually exclusive to his rhetoric on the Sandy Hook shooting either. His comments concerning the Newtown, Connecticut shooting in 2012 also have pending damages that Jones will be legally responsible for paying out.

Public Reactions to the Trial

On social media, Alex Jones has faced criticism from a lot of people who believe holding him legally accountable for defamation is acceptable.

Jones’ critics have branded him as a conspiracy theorist and a liar. Others have questioned whether or not Jones is simply playing a character in order to rake in money, views, and attention.

With the trial beginning today, Americans can expect to learn a lot more about the legal situation Jones faces, owing to his Sandy Hook shooting remarks.

It’s also worth noting the InfoWars host is looking down the barrel of several serious court fees. Jones previously told the court that his net worth stands at -$20 million. However, the families of Sandy Hook victims argue that Jones has a much higher net worth than he’s letting on.

What are your thoughts regarding the defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones? Do you believe he should have to pay damages to the Sandy Hook families? In the comments area, please let us know.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.