Al Gore is Back With Even Worse Woke Insanity

Remember Al Gore, former vice president under Bill Clinton and a failed presidential candidate who morphed into a kind of hero for the far left over his doomsday predictions?

When he’s not flying around on gas-guzzling private jets or speaking at UN-sponsored conferences of some kind, Gore is doing the media circuit talking about how stupid and bad Americans are who disagree with him.

What was that the left said about political division again? In any case, Gore’s latest words have even shocked many on his own side.

Gore: Americans Who Don’t Believe Me on Climate Change Like Uvalde Cops Who Let Kids Die

Gore went on NBC News to talk to fellow liberals about climate change. He proceeded to lump in those Americans who aren’t doing enough to combat global temperature rise with the Uvalde cops.

More than 370 officers failed to engage the Uvalde gunman at Robb Elementary School while he gunned down and murdered 19 kids and two teachers.

Video footage from the horrific slaughter shows many officers standing back and waiting, while others advance forward and then retreat when they hear gunfire.

In total, it took 77 minutes for officers to kill the deranged Uvalde shooter.

According to Gore, those “climate deniers” who won’t admit global warming is real are like these cops. They are letting us all die and making excuses for it because they are just afraid and irresponsible.

Why Did Gore Say This?

Gore, who has huge energy-wasting homes and private jets, did not say this because he’s such a good guy who wants to save the world.

If that were the case, maybe he’d stop focusing on your SUV and start focusing on worldwide pollution and holding others responsible, including China, not just the United States.

No, Gore said this because he’s a little propaganda pusher for the Democrats. He wants the filibuster scrapped so Joe Biden and his buddies can force through green energy and green socialism.

As Gore said, our “democracy crisis” needs to be fixed and in order to stop “assault weapons” and “fossil fuel” lobbying, we need to trash the filibuster and get back to “passing legislation.”

A short translation: we need to get back to passing far-left legislation without any checks and balances. No thanks, Mr. Gore.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is obvious: Al Gore is a sleazy grifter and his whole crowd of globalist climate clowns have nothing to offer but kneecapping our economy even further and forcing through a far-left agenda.

Furthermore, nobody is a “climate denier,” Mr. Gore. We all admit the climate exists. We all can see it appears to be changing.

What is not yet proven is exactly why and just why America would be the only one to blame for it, even if the theory of man-made global warming being the main cause was actually proven to be correct.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.