Al Gore Equated Climate Deniers With Police Officer in Texas School Shooting

Former Vice President Al Gore made a weird analogy between climate change deniers and police officers who did not stop the Uvalde, Texas school mass shooting, which killed 21 people.

He believes climate deniers are waiting for the disaster, just like the police officers who did not enter the classroom to kill the shooter during the Texas shooting.

Al Gore: Climate Ignorants Are Waiting for Chaos

While speaking on NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Al Gore urged Democrats to step forward to tackle climate change, as “we have got an election coming up.”

According to Al Gore, climate change deniers are like the 400 law enforcement officers who were unable to stop the Uvalde school mass shooting in Texas.

He further noted all police officers waited outside a locked door, even though they heard children screaming inside the school. When police officers were busy hearing the gun shots, 21 children were killed, Al Gore added.

Reportedly, police officers were waiting for higher orders to enter the classroom at the time of the mass shooting.

Police stood outside the classroom for more than one hour until one officer decided to break into the room without waiting for orders any further.

During the shooting, the parents of the now-murdered kids kept on requesting the officers to evacuate the children.

So, Gore was making an analogy that climate deniers are waiting for a disaster, just like police officers who kept waiting outside the classroom without killing the shooter straight away.

In addition to that, Gore stated Democrats’ climate agenda is stopped by an equally divided Senate and their razor-thin majority in the House, which disallows them to pass most legislation.

According to the former vice president, climate change “should not be a partisan issue.”

Likewise, Gore mentioned some extreme events, like mass shootings and climate change, should force human beings to take drastic measures to avoid any further disasters.

He noted human beings are capable of finding the solution to these kinds of problems, which are eating the world at a rapid pace.

Gore Has Sympathy For President Biden

Gore argued American “democracy is broken” and the climate crisis can only be solved by strengthening democracy.

Gore, who is a leading climate activist, sympathized with Biden for his lack of powers to deal with the deteriorating climate.

He noted the president is unable to do anything, due to the equally divided Congress, which is not letting him pass climate legislation.

Furthermore, he also praised Biden for using his executive authority to push his green agenda, but urged voters to back “pro-climate” lawmakers who can help the president in passing all stalled legislation.

While criticizing Donald Trump’s policies, Gore noted the former president helped a climate denier person to be the head of the World Bank. So, Biden should move forward to change the leadership of the important financial institution.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.