2021: The Year Far-Left Progressivists Wielded ‘a Lot of Influence’

2021 appears to be the first year in US history when progressives wielded so much influence on American public life.

The cabal of the far-left, Marxist-Communist radicals is most overly epitomized publicly by the “Squad”, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and the likes of pro-Islamist Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

These types of lawmakers aren’t limited to this semi-official group of individuals. In the Senate, for instance, it is represented by the likes of Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Sen. Elizabeth “Karen” Warren of Massachusetts.

AOC: Best Messenger of Radical Left

This year, the Squad began dictating the course of America’s public life through exerting undue domination over the agenda of the ruling Democrat Party.

James Wallner, a senior governance fellow at the R Street Institute, told Fox News even though the Squad lost its battle on Biden’s infrastructure and Build Back Better bills, they managed to “forestall defeat” for several months.

According to Wallner, 2021 may have taught the far-left radicals a lot of lessons on how to “play the game”, meaning as they become hardened in battle, they could be set up for future “success.”

He emphasized that they “wielded lots of influence” throughout the past year, and are now capitalizing on it.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) declared his caucus, for the first time, “dictated” the agenda of the Democrat Party throughout 2021. Khanna bragged that progressive issues are now “at the center” of the political table.

Khanna then praised Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren because, in his words, they helped to reveal “public support” for the “worldview” of the progressives.

However, he saved his greatest praise for AOC as the “best messenger” of the radical left. Wallner commented in turn that, in his view, she has a lot of “raw, natural political skill.”

Impudent ‘Successes’, Even More Impudent Goals

According to progressive Rep. Ro Khanna, his caucus scored some major policy victories in 2021, such as the “very significant” $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill from January. This paved the way for the skyrocketing inflation the nation is now suffering from.

He also praised the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill because of included investments in rural broadband and the replacement of lead pipes. Khanna later lauded the totally catastrophic withdrawal of America from Afghanistan, horrendously executed by Sleepy Joe Biden, as a long-time policy goal for progressivists.

However, he emphasized that the far-left radical cohort has failed in several major endeavors. These endeavors include stuffing a minimum wage hike in the COVID-19 relief bill.

They also involve failing to convince Biden to cancel student debt, getting “qualified police immunity” in legislation on policing reform, packing the Supreme Court with far-left stooges, destroying the filibuster, and getting statehood for Washington, DC.